Telos 180W Mesh Driver

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The Telos 180W Mesh Driver Upgrade can be installed on any Telos 6 Pro or Telos 0006 V1.1 to upgrade it to Mesh specification. 

Telos Mesh allows the wireless synchronization and control of a single Telos system up to several thousand Telos systems all within a single Bluetooth Mesh network. Designed with security first and foremost, all commands are encrypted and, once the lights are connected, the system will be invisible to anyone searching for a bluetooth network. For more information on how Telos Mesh works, take a look at our blog post at      

The proprietary Mesh hardware has been designed and engineered by Telos and integrated into the next generation of wireless waterproof LED drivers which power the light. The Telos app is available for Android and iPhone and allows Precise PPFTM control of the light output, as well as detailed on/off scheduling and an integrated sunrise and sunset mode. Multiple lights can be grouped within the app and separate schedules and PPF levels applied to different groups. By tapping the integrated touch sensor it is also possible to cycle through pre-set PPF levels without using the app. 

Installation is quick and easy following our online guide and all tools are included in the box.

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